Friday, October 24, 2008

The Center Collapses

OK, forget all that stuff I said about "River of Bones" and the middle I'd discovered. I couldn't get it to come out the way I wanted so I followed some of my old advice and just skipped it. I pretended it all happened the way I kinda thought it should and went straight to my ending. After powering through 1800 words I arrived at the end pretty much exactly the way I envisioned. The good part is that it's finished. The challenge is that now I have to begin the rewrite and see what I can dredge up to link beginning with end. And that's why, my friends, writing is difficult work.


Son #1 said...

Maybe you could make a Choose Your Own Adventure book. A very vague and nonspecific one. With only one ending.

Jeff Draper said...

Actually, if I did write a Choose Your Own Adventure book not only would it have only one ending, I would make all the choices for you as you went along.