Friday, October 31, 2008

Max Payne Hits the Target

Just saw Max Payne last night and I was very impressed. It hit all the dramatic points that a good story should have. First off, the cinematography was incredible. What they did with light and shadow created a gritty, tense, moody feeling every time it was needed. For the most part the film is devoid of color, there was always rain or slowly swirling snow in the exterior shots. Top it off with some Matrix-esque super slo-mo and 'visions of Hell' special effects and you have a movie that is a thrill to watch. Second, the script moved the character through all the right events. Entering the special world, meeting the mentor, tests and trials, the inmost cave, the supreme ordeal with death and rebirth, and the return with the elixir. Bad guys become good guys and good guys become bad guys. Great gunfights. Mark Wahlberg.

On the negative side, the movie's pace was a little slow and they borrowed heavily from other movies with images that we've seen before but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. Thumbs up.


von Darkmoor said...

Sorry - gotta break those thumbs. At least one of 'em. Agreed on Mark - he's becoming such a terrific actor, facial and body control, demeanor and attitude. I enjoy his roles.

That said, much too much predictable (which Bridges was I watching again? Oh, yeah, at least Iron Man was an awesome movie!) and much too much NOT spec-fic based as previews led one to believe. I'm fine with video game based Punisher clones and I like the Max Payne character - but they really had me interested when they kept pounding the supernatural angle, making me think a Punisher/Constatine movie. I felt let down. And don't get me started on that Valkyrie b.s.!

Jeff Draper said...

The drug angle was a bit disappointing as well. I also thought it was going to be a little more along the Constantine model.

Jeff Draper said...

Oh, and did you notice Lupino's insignia was upside down in the interview shot? People, this is not that difficult, any friggin' Lance Corporal could have pointed that out in a heartbeat.

von Darkmoor said...

ha! I'd say 'You're kidding' but I know you're not. I was too intent on watching his face, so no, I didn't notice it. I recognize that actor, in fact, I'm sure he reprised a previous role, but I can't place him - do you know?

Seriously - I wish it had been better. I've gone to the theaters for 4 movies this year: The Dark Knight (good, just not as good as its prequel); Iron Man (great, waning off into almost great then rising again into greatness); some movie I cannot repeat the name of but out of love for my wife I went and saw and will forever have burning eyes whenever I recall Pierce Brosnan singing; and now Max Payne - a movie that could have waited for video.

Abba Groupie said...

some movie I cannot repeat the name of but out of love for my wife I went and saw and will forever have burning eyes whenever I recall Pierce Brosnan singing

You must mean "Mamma Mia"! Yeah, great stuff! Best movie of the whole year! As for Pierce Brosnan - to die for!