Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Blood Knight Comes and Goes

I finished The Blood Knight the other day and I give it very high marks. There is a very sad death of a major character and that's always great for fiction. There is the revelation of a secret that has tremendous impact on the story. There's also a really cool fight at the end which is always a plus. (The Briar King wrestles the woorm.) And I finally got to find out who the Blood Knight is. I was kind of rooting for Neil MeqVren and I thought it was a lock when he led the charge against an impregnable fortress. I also thought it might be Aspar or even Stephen but the actual winner caught me by surprise. Anne steps up and becomes the queen, taking no crap from anyone. Cazio both grows and remains his irrepressible self. The book is a masterful work.


Bibliophile said...

(Gets out pencil, licks stub, pokes out tongue and makes laborious addition to scruffy piece of paper decorated with uneven scrawl attached to fridge door by a skateboarding Bart Simpson)

Excellent! I'll look forward to plumbing its depths in my summer holiday readfest!

Any clues as to who meets their maker?

Scriptorius Rex said...

It is a character very close to the King's Holter, Aspar White. The death scene is touching and the determination that steels Aspar's nerves after it is the stuff heroic fantasy is made of.

bibliophile said...

Got to be the love interest then . . . (sniffle, sniffle)