Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Quick Update

I'm still waiting for my new laptop to show up. The old one still works as long as I plug it into a monitor, which means its function as a laptop is now extremely limited. I bought two monitors from Goodwill over the last couple of days only to find out they don't work. I only paid 1.50 for them so I'm not that riled up. Craigslist seems to have free monitors listed so I'm going that route.

I've written a proposal for my latest writing project and will be sending that out later in the week. The project is revised and ready to be submitted. Now I just have to go through the motions and see what happens.

Almost done with book 2 of The Dresden Files, it's better than book 1.

Watched Ocean's 11 last night. I love it. Son Number One couldn't stand it and left halfway through. His loss.


Mirtika said...

Book Two is definitely better than one. And I went into it with trepidation, cause I've never been a fan of werewolves--not in movies or books. But these were very cool, very creepy, and the loup garou was terrifying! Also love teh twist "werewolf". :)

Book three is BETTER yet.


George Clooney's mom said...

Son Number One gets my vote.

Scriptorius Rex said...

Ouch! Thanksgiving must be tough around your house.