Saturday, February 17, 2007

Christian Writer's Market Guide

The book arrived yesterday and I'm impressed. Since it's free from the publisher I thought it would be an advanced reading copy (known in the review business as an ARC) made up of photocopied galleys bound with plastic. No, it's the actual book in final form. Therefore i feel honor bound to provide a more detailed review.

If you are thinking of writing for the Christian market like I am, you have to buy this book. It's got an extensive series of lists of resources. Just about everything you would need to find is listed with contact info. Then you have the typical lists of book publishers and periodicals. Well organized, by category, trust me it's great. You also have listings of literary agents which is very handy. Big index in the back and a CD! It's everything you need.

It also arrived just in time. I printed out two copies of 'Faith' and I'm about to send it out to Relief, Rock and Sling, and Image. Now I have other places to look for as well. Happy day!

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