Sunday, February 04, 2007

God Hates the Chicago Bears

This was a pretty good Superbowl as Superbowls go. It was nice to see Peyton Manning finally get his ring. But I loved the GM for the Colts in his little speech accepting the Lombardi trophy. He says what a great team they have and says how God led their team to victory. I'm all for praising God but it's funny to see a sports team credit God with victory. How must that make the other team feel? "Gosh, guys, God just wasn't on our side today."

Tony Dungy had the most thoughtful words when he answered the inevitable question about two black coaches in the Superbowl. He said he was proud to represent African-Americans with the victory but more importantly was that the game was coached by two Christian coaches who proved that it could be done the Lord's way. That was pretty classy.

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