Thursday, February 22, 2007

Faith Unleashed

I renamed my story 'Faith' to 'Such Great Faith' and sent two copies off by snail mail to Image and Rock & Sling. Both magazines take weeks to respond so sometime this spring I'll have further updates on its progress.

I also have an idea for a character that's taking shape in my mind and I think he will fit perfectly into the plot I've dreamed up for a story to be called 'The Battle of Raven Kill.' The action centers on one man defending a bridge against a horde of bad guys. If he falls, the bad guys run down his clan and slaughter every one of them. His job is to hold the bridge as long as possible. The bridge is a small, one lane stone path that crosses a deep rushing river known as Raven Kill. 'Kill' is Scottish or Irish (or some such) for 'stream' or 'creek.' Anyhow, it will be fight intensive and the story will hinge on one of the main character's unique traits.

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