Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hood is Quite Good

Hood is moving into Act Three and it is holding up
quite well. Bran ap Brychan has now taken on the
mantle of King Raven and he haunts the wood with his
band of merry men. (Although this bunch seems more
melancholy and malevolent than merry but with the
Normans as enemies who can blame them.) Merian is the
target of another suitor and that should prove
interesting soon. The wise mentor arrived shortly
before the mid-point in the form of a mysterious woman
of the wood. The Ffreinc characters are well along in
their schemes and subterfuges.

All in all, worth the price of admission.


Seren said...

Dear Scriptor,

Thanks for the interim report. I'm pleased to see that you are making good progress with your reading.

I'm intrigued to see that you appear to have downgraded Mr Lawless's book from 'outstanding' when you first purchased it to 'quite good' now. May I enquire as to the reasons why your opinion has changed?

It seems that the Normans are once again living up (or should it be down?) to expectations. What else can you expect from a bunch of hooligans who claim descent from a crowd of wild-eyed, hairy, beer swilling Scanadanavians? I blame it all on the long, dark nights . . .

Sincerely yours

Scriptorius Rex said...

'Quite Good' rhymes with 'Hood' and that is why I used it. That and I hate repeating myself. It is still outstanding. :)