Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Battle For The Battle of Raven Kill

OK, after a little examination of what it means to be a writer (i.e. you write) I have put in some time this morning on 'The Battle of Raven Kill.' I've written the first encounter between the protagonist, who's name is currently Othren Four-Scars but is shortened to Oth, and the raiders that are trying to wipe out his clan, the vile tattooed men called the Pechti. Although I know I am slipping into just pounding out the mechanics of the story there are still little bits of characterization that come to me as I write. This time I'm trying to write quickly and drop in notes to myself when I know that some sort of expansion is needed. I'm also trying to push the envelope a little with graphic combat detail, which I feel is necessary since the whole story is a fight on the bridge. One thing though, I'm seeing the word count rack up past 2000 and I haven't gotten to the meat of the battle yet so some detail may have to get chopped due to space considerations. Getting a story published that's more than five or six thousand words starts to get tricky.

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Two Write Hands said...

Wow! 2000 words. I've never written anything that long that I actually wanted to write. Term papers are getting in the way of my reality. Thanks for stopping by my blog.