Monday, May 21, 2007

The Sword Review and Its Place In the World

The Sword Review was created because a guy named Bill Snodgrass was working toward publication of his own stories. When he and an old friend began looking for places to publish their short works they found... nothing. There were the very few top tier magazines, Asimov's and such, but nothing else. So they decided to join the e-publishing trend and The Sword Review was born.

As Christians themselves, Bill and his friend, Cameron Walker, knew that whatever they created would have to hold to those principles and be something that could glorify God. That became a fundamental theme of TSR. What they found, stunningly enough, was that there was a large audience just waiting for them.

TSR is at the forefront of both e-publishing and Christian fiction. From some of the insight Bill provides his readers, I get the feeling that it's like being at the controls of a runaway freight train: Sure, you're getting somewhere quickly but it's not a given that the ride will be smooth.

But I see that there is a need for Christian fiction. The secular world can produce some outstanding work but it is missing that spark of the divine that Christians are looking for. I think there is a God shaped hole in today's fiction market and TSR is there to help fill it.


Becky said...

Great post, Jeff. I couldn't agree with you more about Christian fiction.

I'm sorry you didn't get on the participants' link list. Be sure to opt in next month if you're able to post on The Restorer.


Peggy said...

What's great about e-pubs is that they can target a niche that the big print publishers consider too small to bother with. The trick is getting the word out to the potential audience. It sounds like The Sword Review is doing it right.