Wednesday, May 23, 2007

E-This, E-That, and the Age of E-ism

Running an e-zine is a unique challenge. Not the least of which is that most spell checkers still don't recognize e-zine as a word. You just can't get no respect. However, the folks at The Sword Review are clearly up to the challenge.

A regular print magazine is such a different medium. You just can't run an e-zine the same way. The TSR staff knows this. They are experimenting with audio stories. They have a forum that is developing into a community. They also have blogs and Myspace. These are markedly different than anything a print journal can do. And since there have been several e-zines that have gone under this last year, these are the things that will solidify the e-zine world and move it along into the future.


Doug Skinner said...

Greatness is built on the failures of others...By that, I mean where other make mistakes those in the background can learn and improve. I am constantly fascinated by the fluidity of the Internet and how fast things seem to evolve.

Emily Veinglory said... long as the community actually forms, they are.

Benjamin Solah said...

I think fiction online generally is moving very slowly. Reading large amounts of text in one sitting just doesn't cut it for most people, unless you want your eyes to feel like their bleeding.

I think Flash fiction is the real hope for growing e-zines and online fiction.