Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Long Bright Days of Almost Summer

Almost Summer is a short season here in Washington. It usually starts in the middle of May and lasts into June. It is marked by nights too cold to not wear a heavy jacket and days that make you sweat in a windbreaker until you take it off, turn the corner into some shade, and feel all shivery and uncomfortable. It's a lot like Mostly Autumn which tends to happen for two weeks in early September before Summer Part Two comes along.

The family and I are going to celebrate Almost Summer by going to Long Beach, WA. My mom has a cabin there that we get to use occasionally. It's just a short walk from the beach. It's always fun, even though it's going to rain on Saturday and Sunday. There's no phone, TV or internet. Strange how our modern world often equates the lack of those necessities as 'relaxing.'


Seren said...

Enjoy your downtime, I'm sure it's well deserved. And may the sun pour forth it's warmth and light upon you in defiance of the forecasters.

Almost Summer is here too, though perhaps a little more advanced than in your neck of the woods. Are we on the same latitude line, I wonder?

Have noted the new Latin tags. Perhaps you should adopt the immortal phrase 'Stylus fortior quam gladium est' as your tag line. (Just noted the irony of that, tee hee!)

And what's with the 'Morituri te salutamus' thing? I wasn't aware my demise was imminent! (Is it perchance a reference to the quality of your writing?)Do you know something I don't?

OTOH the tag line I suggested might not sit easily with the latter phrase ... so, it's a thumbs down for that then.

Two Write Hands said...

Sounds pleasant. We usually skip Almost Summer around here and head straight to stifling. Although, so far we've had a couple AS days.

Talia Mana said...

OMG you're making me extremely happy i live in New Zealand. We have a very mild climate and summer is long and warm. It's not especially hot but it's hot enough for me. We're in autumn now and it's very mild other than occasional but very heavy rain - sort of subtropical

Leah J. Utas said...

We have Almost Summer here too although we just had a bout of Practically Winter the last few days.
Enjoy your beach time.

Gillian Polack said...

Almost Summer. I am nostalgic.

It was zero degrees overnight and we're already in winter. I've forgotten Almost Summer. We won't emerge from the cold until August.

Maybe I need to go into hibernation until it's my turn for Almost Summer?

Virginia Lee said...

I'm so jealous! Your escape sounds idyllic. Don't forget those of us stuck in the urban jungle.

Have a wonderful time!

MDK said...

Wish I were there; instead, I'm stuck in the "heartland".